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Our flooring contractors at Walle Flooring and Refinishing concentrate on wood flooring. Numerous consider hardwood flooring to be the most desirable kind of floor covering. This is evidenced by the number of clients who contact us to receive hardwood flooring installation, repairs, or refinishing services. Some people like the appearance of wood flooring, but can't manage the expense of natural wood flooring. In this case, we can provide the engineered wood flooring or laminate wood flooring that looks like natural wood flooring. It provides you the very same aesthetic appeal without the pricey price tag. When you rely on us for the task, you will get the most efficient wood flooring services.

About Us

We have stayed in business for more than 30-years, providing superior hardwood flooring services throughout Louisville, KY. We did so due to the fact that there was a need when we began our organization. It appears that there is still a need after all these years. We knew that there would always be people who wanted hardwood flooring but we didn't think that it would be just as popular three decades later on. Throughout the years, there have been amazing advances in the setup of hardwood flooring, as brand-new types of wood flooring emerge. Our flooring contractors stay up-to-date on brand-new and better methods. While patterns come and go, we are here to stay, as we continue to supply the most effective wood flooring services.

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    Our Services

    Whether you desire natural hardwood flooring or you desire something more budget-friendly, we can offer it to you. As certified wood expert flooring professionals, you are sure to get the most for your money when you get in touch with Walle Flooring and Refinishing to assist with your service requirements. We use a variety of useful hardwood flooring services, which is why so lots of call on us when they desire to be sure that the task is done.

    hardwood floor refinishing in lexington

    Our hardwood flooring installer can manage your hardwood floor refinishing. When matched with your existing floor covering, we offer you with the most cohesive flooring. As we work through the floor refinishing process, you can be positive that you will get the best wood floor refinishing job possible. Instead of attempting to carry out the task yourself, call us to discover how we can successfully perform the task for you.

    wood floor repair in lexington

    You can rely on our hardwood flooring contractors to make any needed repairs to them if you have invested in hardwood flooring. Your repairs are likely not so serious that they have to be entirely changed, which is why you ought to contact us to learn if they can be fixed prior to replacing them. We can make your wood flooring appearance as great as brand-new if you offer us the chance.

    hardwood floor installation in lexington

    Allow our wood flooring installers to effortlessly install your brand-new hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring isn't cheap, which is why you shouldn't depend on simply anybody to install it. When you desire the job done right the very first time, turn to Walle Flooring and Refinishing. We have the most qualified team of flooring specialists, which is why you need to depend on us for your service needs.

    engineered wood floor repair in lexington

    Our engineered wood flooring is just as stunning as any of the natural wood flooring that we set up. You might turn your nose up at the idea of actually having engineered wood flooring installed up until you enable us to reveal you how excellent it looks. There are a variety of engineered wood flooring that you'll need to pick from, which suggests that you have lots of alternatives.

    laminate flooring installation in lexington

    You may be wondering if we focus on hardwood flooring, why would we likewise use laminate flooring. It's due to the fact that some laminate flooring styles look comparable to natural wood flooring. Laminate flooring is less costly and less labor-intensive than natural wood flooring, which is also why we offer it. Our laminate flooring installer will show you a range of vinyl alternatives that mimic wood.

    vinyl flooring installation in lexington

    Our vinyl flooring installer can also help with your vinyl flooring selection, install and repair. Vinyl floor covering is another popular and budget-friendly floor covering choice. If someone is seeking the feel of vinyl, but the look of wood, our vinyl plant flooring installer can offer it to them. There is a lot of vinyl floor covering that also looks comparable to wood flooring that you can choose from when employing us for your floor covering needs.

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    You might never know that you can afford hardwood flooring unless you contact us at Walle Flooring and Refinishing. You will find out the different hardwood flooring alternatives that we use when contact us. If you do not desire the maintenance of natural wood flooring, there are alternative options available. We can offer it to you when you need a more cost effective type of floor covering alternative. You don't have to compromise the aesthetic that you desire, given that we offer numerous stunning alternatives. Call us and let us assist you find the ideal kind of wood flooring.